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The Comfort Shop

Spaces in our home could be the most important investments we ever make.

Not only are they the places we spend our lives with the people we love, but they’re where we can expect to rely on comfort, calm and enjoyment. That’s why they feel like home.

In modern houses, apartments and living spaces our needs have changed and comfort includes more than what it feels like to use a piece of furniture. It’s about experience, design, space-saving and multi-use. It’s about making furniture work for us, around our busy lives, without compromising on visual aesthetics.

At every stage of our lives, we look for the perfect balance of form, function, design and quality when it comes to buying anything we sit on, sleep on, work on and beyond.

Our team have always valued comfort, it’s in our name after all, but it’s what we know to make comfort functional that really counts.

We are furniture enthusiasts, design thinkers, detectives, finding and importing brands from near and far who just get it. It comes out in our customer service and we’re here for you, to help you design your space with pieces you’ll love and live with for years to come.

Visit our stores or shop online, but however you come to us, know we’re ready to make it an amazing experience for you.

Design your space with comfort